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Impressed with Dell support!

I’ve bought stuff from Dell over the years and my run in with their support a few years back helped in finally switching me totally over to Apple Macs.

So they lost a customer back then, due to how I was handled. I should stress that as long as I didn’t have to deal with support the hardware was worth the price. But the possible stress of it happening again wasn’t worth it.

My wife on the other hand still has her PC from back then and has bought two Dell monitors since that fateful three months of pain.

So fast forward to the present. One of the monitors die. I go through all the steps on the website, trying to solve the issue before dealing with support. No joy.😦

So I ring support expecting being put on hold, transferred all over the place and having to repeat my details over and over, and do stupid steps that anyone who listened to the problem wouldn’t ask me that.

Instead the first person I talk to after getting my details asks me this:

“To save time, please tell me what investigation you have tried yourself so far?”

It sounds obvious enough, but I was blown away by this comment. Instead of asking me stupid flowchart questions, they wanted my opinion of what I did!

So I explained everything I had done so far from the web site. They then thanked me for doing a very well detailed investigation before calling. Now, instead of further trouble shooting there was no messing, they explained a new monitor would come in a day or so and they would pick up the broken one a day or two after that.

They then asked me how was my call. I explained I got mis-routed at the beginning, they apologised and gave me a direct number (which I could not find on the web site at the time) so that I would not have it happen again.

It was like night and day compared the travesty years ago.

They even followed up more then once to make sure everything was fine.

So kudos Dell on a support call well done. What was interesting for me (that I took from it), Dell had lost me as a customer previously. If I still used windows stuff, they could possibly woo me back. My wife is still Windows orientated so she is thinking about a new Alienware machine . What might push her towards Apple though is Windows8.

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