Siri revisited

Further to the prank I posted the other day with Siri, further testing it appears calendar entries are also open for abuse without having the passcode access to the phone.


“Change Meeting this afternoon” (I only had one).

“Change the location to You will never find the room”


I wanted to set up an SVN that writes to a mounted DMG file. So that I could easily copy the files to a USB key and not have to worry about someone easily reading them (using GPGTools).

I found a great tutorial on setting up an SVN server on OSX. Went off with only one hitch. That being I had to make sure that the svnroot folders had full access for the SVN account.

Creating the DMG file was easy enough as well (Diskutility). I created an encrypted DMG file and stuck it in the SVN account I set up.

As for auto mounting, there is a handy tool called Lingon. Using that and the following command line meant that the my DMG mounted.

echo PASSWORD | hdiutil attach /Users/svnacc/svnStuff.dmg

Although svnserve can launch before the mount, it doesn’t check until you try to access the repository and you are logged in at that stage.