Still alive.

Just insanely busy these days, both in and out of work. Quick catch up.

Still ongoing, but I find EverNote is painful to write into. So I have a text file with all my notes so far. Just need to covert over to Evernote. I am contemplating just doing this in an NSF and dig out/create an EverNote bridge.

Work is always busy, but more so at the moment as I have holidays planned soon. So it is planning of the holiday outside work/inside so that transition doesn’t impact anyone. *phew* On top of that usual extra-cirruclar stuff in work (which is eating into my side hobbies).

Constructive time wasting.
I recently joined StackExchange, so as to track Notes/Domino issues. It actually makes problem solving fun, and like the forums allows to keep track of what people are doing with the product.

New Toys
I plan to get a new iPad after my holidays, or more likely August (as that way I don’t have to pay for it. “No, you buy it!” – Wife🙂 ).

Got a new 4S. I like how they localized Siri for Ireland, so that when you talk to it that it feels like you are trying to explain something to your old Irish mother*. Siri seems more intent on telling me what it can’t do then helping, although the reminders is very handy.

I also got the GoPano lens for the iPhone. Tested it on the iPhone4 and the video was dire. Thinking it was processor/camera issue I tested on the 4S and the quality is just as bad. Also it won’t let you take 360 degree photos. I can only assume all the high quality videos they have on their site are using video cameras, not the iPhone.

* Talking to my mother recently on the phone, she was trying to relay details I had to take down without success. So I suggested she text it. My suggestion was followed up with various beeps as she was typing it onto the phone and then a comment of “it isn’t working”.