Watch out with the App Store and billing issues.

I had Bank of Ireland ring me today, to inform me that my credit card number appeared to be stolen. Thankfully they caught it before anything was taken.

However it appears I have an outstanding payment to the Appstore (iPad app) which came in after the cancel date.

One interesting side effect of this is that I am totally locked out of the Appstore from getting updates, apps I already own or even free apps. Until I update my credit card there is nothing I can do.😦

Databinding to an image component.

embedding image example.

The XPages image component is read only. So it is great for reading an image from your document/URL, but if you do any kind of image editing then it becomes a pain to save it back. Or if you need to pull an image from another location (ie. avoid link jacking) it doesn’t have an easy way to do this.

The easy way around it is to convert the image to a text resource instead.You can pull an image, convert to text and store with ease, using Java. The image component can then read the value directly.

Example XPage code: 

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <xp:view xmlns:xp="">
 <xp:image id="image1">
var urlString = "";
var url = new;
var bi =;
var baos = new;
javax.imageio.ImageIO.write(bi, "png", baos);
var byteArray = baos.toByteArray();
var base64Bytes =;
// Save this variable to your text field.
var answer = "data:image/png;base64," + base64Bytes;
return answer;}]]>


Due to a bug in Java it is not possible to save the favicon.ico image from a web site this way.

MJ Fox is alive and well.

I watched the opening session today on IBM TV. At least the part of OK GO and Michael J Fox’s excellent speech (before having to back to work).

What was interesting outside of the presentation was MJ Fox started to trend on twitter because of his speech. Checking the responses it started off with LS12 and proceeded into reports of his demise, thankfully with further tweets debunking it.

Just creating the trend generated an alternate message from the hive mind.

Back to LS12, great opening session!

Studying for LOT-925 Admin exam

I completed the CAAD85 last year. The plan this year is to complete the Admin exams for 8.5. It has been some time since I last did an Admin exam, so much so I had to go back to linkedIn to remember. :) So I am starting from scratch with the new certification path. To make life easier for study and hopefully help others, I am writing up my notes into EverNote so that I it is usable in Evernote peek.

The study guide is blank at the moment. Expect updates every day or so. I’ll update the blog when I complete a section.

Please feel free to correct me. Or if becomes too much, join in.

Are you going to Lotusphere 2012 and have open PMRs?

Lotusphere is a great time to meet developers and support face to face. So if you have any open PMRs that you want to address at the event, I recommend mentioning this to engineer working that PMR. This way we can inform development/support representatives attending and see if they can arrange time to discuss with you in more detail.

Also when you are at Lotusphere if someone suggests to open a PMR so they can look at it, don’t forget to get their name to add to the PMR! This helps routing it faster.

Connecting to Domino on the iPhone (Restoring old files)

Checking my previous blog, I noticed that the tutorials on connecting an iPhone to Domino was missing. The PDF’s are for an older version of XCode, but someone may still find useful.

Tutorial 1 – Connecting to a Domino View in an iPhone Application

Tutorial 2 – Connecting to a Domino Document in an iPhone Application

Tutorial 3 – Displaying an image from a Notes document.


New years wiki updates.

Happy new year! 

To start the new year I have updated the Domino Appdev wiki with the following.

Mapping Agent code to an NSD crash stack.
Updated it with more relevant information to help you track that code which is causing a crash.

Creating your first Web Service provider and consumer in LotusScript and Java.
A tutorial for newbies to web services.

Testing your Domino web service provider and consumer using SoapUI.
After following the previous walkthrough this goes through how to capture the SOAP request and response of your Domino web services. The sample covers the LotusScript provider and Java consumer.