With the use of the Rich Text Lite field type it is very easy to get an image from a document and display on the iPhone. I have uploaded the third tutorial. You will have to complete the second tutorial first though. Here is what you should see if it works.🙂

Following on from my first write up I have created the second tutorial. It is an extension of the first one. Using an agent it will display the details of the selected document in the view on the iPhone app. You can download the second part as a PDF file. I have also uploaded an image file of the sample.
Here is what it should look like when your finished.

Connecting to a Domino view with an iPhone application.

I have taken up studying Objective-C for iPhone development. More as a hobby then a business need at this point.  For studying I’ve been using the iPhone Developers cookbook. Very easy to follow and well worth reading!
As part of the learning process I normally do up small samples and create write ups of my steps (meta-cognition trick). So I will have a few mini-tutorial/walk through posted as I go. If your already a experienced Objective-C developer you are probably going to find it very noobish. Likewise for Domino developers (for the Domino part). But it is how I learn, and it might help someone else.
Tutorial 1Connecting to a Domino view.
This creates a very simple Domino application containing 10 records. Then in your iPhone application you connect to the view reading the JSON and using the NSString class to pull just the related information out and display on the apps table. I could of gone with JSON library (not core foundation though) or XML but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.
Next tutorial will deal with selecting one of those items and reading the documents data. Then continue to build on that.