So I am stuck at home at the moment with some kind of virus. The wife has locked out the games on my machine (Her argument is if I am well enough to play games then I well enough to get out of the house). So bored to tears watching TV.:-/
Ed Brill twittered (tweeted?) yesterday looking for a faith based ICS file for a customer. The BBC Website has a nice list of everything. But no ICS format.
However you can format the page using greasemonkey to generate the ICS. So I created a script to do just that. I should stress there are bugs with the script but works for the most part. Good 30 minute distraction at least for myself. Your free to change the script however you want.
I have uploaded the greasemonkey script and ICS file as a zip file on Bleedyellow. Hope it helps.

My first annoyance with 8.5.1

In before the next wave of announcements appear.🙂
It is funny how the annoyance becomes the habit after a while. I’ve had to stop myself a few times with this. When I am writing up my table I am so used to doing the following when resizing it.

  1. Press CTRL-K
  2. Select “Table” from drop down menu
  3. Modify cell/table settings.

Now through habit I am almost into Point 3 when I realise I can just now resize the table with my mouse.  There are probably other feature improvements that I am going to have to try switch off autopilot to start using them.