Google translate needs serious peer review

Just before heading out this morning I got an IM from my mother in law. Part of the conversation was.

사이먼이 나오니꺼 너무 반가워

The above sentence says “Simon it is a pleasure to see you” My knowledge of Korean is still not that great, so I didn’t fully understand the whole conversation she said. So I fired it into Google translate. Really NSFW and left me confused.

I had a go at making some sample Personas. They are very easy to do. The header image should be 3000×200 pixels and the footer 3000×100. The headers anchor is from the top right and footers from the top left.

Here is a sample Connections one.


I have uploaded a few different ones. You will have to manually to set them by setting your custom mode on in Personas in the preferences. At least until they show up in the gallery.


I recently started playing with Personas. This is how UI customization should always be done! What is nice about this is that you can create GUI branding to the browser on the fly. Not sure if you can do it on a site by site basis but that would be cool.

Now all we need is a few Lotus ones.🙂

Using extst .. appears to work.

I recently installed Adium and appears to be working quite well. I noticed it has sametime support so I tried it with bleedyellow and EXTST and both work.

I don’t know anyone who is using bleedyellow server to test it but says I am online.🙂

Port: 1533
User/Pass: bleedyellow login.

For extst it appears to allow me to log in using Adium. Apart from it being a holiday today I tried testing and I could not ping people I knew were online. I suspect that there is a physical disconnect from the internal server and the extst server. So for internal IBM employees looks like we need to log into that server as well.

Port: 80
User/Pass: for IBM employees appears to be our credentials for For external you need to register.

I disabled “Client Identity” in Adium for the sametime logins. Not sure that matters though.

8.5 Designer client on the mac.

I installed the Mac version of Notes and wasn’t too impressed with it. Mainly because I prefer to be able to develop and there is no designer client.

So I tried for a laugh to install the windows Domino 8.5 + Full Client. For the VM software I used Parallels and Vista Ultimate. I have the applications running in Confluence mode (so applications look like Mac apps, no window of the vista OS).

– Parallels was very easy to install.
– Vista on the other hand was a pain to get it fully patched up and was the longest part of the installation.
– Domino/Notes. No real issues at all. I found the Domino installer was a bit unresponsive for a while but both installed perfectly.

Domino Server
Runs perfectly. Your not going to get yourself a production environment but for general development work I had no issues at all. To access the server via HTTP I had to update my hosts file rather then using an IP address.

Notes Client
I didn’t install Sametime Integration or Productivity tools (I already have Symphony for mac). Everything runs fine. I did notice in the window mode trying to move the client around it hopped sometimes. Not sure why. But interaction with the UI was grand.

Designer worked perfectly as well and is actually faster then my windows machine. -_-  (I suspect processor reasons). Likewise with Administrator.

I have to play some more but overall I have not found anything funky yet. The cons to this is that is not a cheap way to do it. I would much prefer a native version of Domino/Full Notes client on the mac but it saves having to have two machines to develop on.