Fun time with Apple sales support

My son is just over 4 years old. I got him a iTouch (mainly because I couldn’t get my hands on the Nokia M810. another story). All I had to show him was how to switch on/off get into items. I’m amazed at how quickly he picked it up. So I have a couple of his DVD’s on it, some pictures (mainly word association pictures) and some kids games.

So what does support have to do with this? Well I thought I might as well try writing some apps for the device. As there are a few games and things in real life that could port over and he would enjoy.

So I find that you have to own a Mac to actually do this.😦 I did a google around but nothing that easy to follow. So I figured maybe I can just buy leopard and install in a VMWare. Again I can’t find anything of note there. So I ring the customer sales support line. It went a little something like this (short version)..

Me: Hi I want to know is it possible to run leopard in VMWare?
Rep: Oh sure! VMWare runs on apple macs fine and you can run all the windows programs.
Me: No I mean I want to run leopard in VMWare.
Rep: Oh you can do that although leopard normally runs on the mac itself and you run windows in the VMWare.
Me: No I mean run it in VMWare in Windows.
Rep: Yes VMWare runs windows fine.
Me: No I mean I want to run the VMWare on windows
Rep: Oh you can’t run VMWare on windows, it only works on the Mac.
Me: Ok I want to use a windows to run windows vmware which will run leopard OS.
Rep: Oh no you can’t do that.

I half expected this but the overall conversation was funny as it reminded me of the Simpsons where Marge is asking an Australian bartender for coffee.

So now I need to find a Mac to play with. will see if I can souce a cheap one.