Write what you know.

I read almost daily planetlotus.org and numerous blogs. I also read LDD forums infrequently. It really is quite interesting and a buzz to not only see people using a product you work on but also the cool tricks they get up to. So much so I am at a loss to what to blog about. Anything of a technical nature is internal or goes into a technote/wiki.

So thought I’d write about what I know and that is level 2 support. so I will do a few posts on common issues to help make your support experience better. If anyone has any questions in general to get the ball rolling feel free to let me know (note: I can’t talk about customer issues or internal processes).

Going to Lotusphere and have open PMRs?

Thought I’d post this on my blog although it is normally mentioned with open pmrs.

If you have an open PMR which is with development you can ask your support engineer if development will be at Lotusphere or if there is someone there to talk on the issue. More often then not we manage to get people paired up with someone who can put their mind at ease and help explain their issue better. So next time your talking to your support contact let them know.