Consuming a web service in Domino 8.0.x

I got asked recently how to consume a webservice in Domino. For the most part it is pretty easy to do. I did a demo a long time ago and thought I’d share it. Not of the quality for CSA, so I will probably redo a new one for the wiki when I get a chance.

Appears that I can’t upload SWF files to bleedyellow so I’ve uploaded the file to wikiupload.

IBM LanguageWare: Launches New Development Environment on Alphaworks!

Got this in my mail (I guess DJ got his agent done😉 ).

This week IBM LanguageWare announces the release of it’s innovative NLP development environment, the LanguageWare Resource Workbench, delivered with a Demonstrator that contains a comprehensive set of language and domain models across English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, and Japanese. The Workbench brings to the market a new and exciting way of building high-performance text analysis applications using LanguageWare’s patented parsing technology and unique example-based visualization techniques. The Demonstrator gives customers a pre-built set of analyzers – spanning healthcare, law enforcement, finance, legal, and pharma domains – on which they can build their own LanguageWare UIMA Analyzers. Also provided is a set of instructional videos to help get customers up-and-running.

All this is provided FREE for evaluation and prototyping on Alphaworks at:

LanguageWare now also provides Domain Modelling and Integration Services to help our customers and partners successfully exploit our text analysis capabilities. Our consultants will work with customers to develop the necessary domain extraction models specifically tailored to their business requirements, and provide integration support for IBM products such as; IBM Content Analyzer, IBM Entity Analytics, IBM Global Name Recognition, IBM Lotus Notes, IBM Lotus Connections, IBM OmniFind, IBM InfoSphere Warehouse and others.

I have used this before to create an application that would understand the content and context of PMRs (Problem tickets). It is pretty cool and easy enough. It is also built into the notes client (as part of spell checker). It is not documented / supported to plug into it in Notes 8/8.0.x. I am not sure at this time if it is visible for 8.5 (but I will check).

My First Entry

I have been blogging internally in IBM for a while so I thought I would try external for a change. For those that don’t know my I am Simon O’Doherty and I work in Level 2 support for EMEA Lotus Customer Support. My role is Technical Team Leader for Application Development.

Although we cover everything Appdev my own personal focus is Java, CompApps, Web Services and more recently XPages.

So I hope to keep this up to date.🙂

Created AppDev Community

In Support we use Lotus Communities for bookmarking related material that would help either people in the team or customers. A recent visit to a customer last Friday they got a look at our community and wanted to know if they could access the material.

Well thanks to Bleed Yellow I have created an almost mirror of our internal community. For obvious reasons internal only links are not on it.

I hope it helps people, and please feel free to join and add to it.