Thanks for the Linkedin endorsements but..

I appreciate everyone giving me LinkedIn endorsements, but I am really not an expert on WebSphere / Portal. Haven’t used either in years.

Likewise with other non-related endorsements I’ve been deleting them as I find them. But I was wondering if people just accept these random endorsements? What would be the benefit in doing it?

2 thoughts on “Thanks for the Linkedin endorsements but..

  1. Hi, you have some nice posts on domino developer related pains. I was wondering if you knew a way to embed an email into a new one.
    So I’m creating a new notesDocument as ususal and want to embed an email from the inbox, another notesDocument, into the new nDoc before I send it.

    This is not a forum :( I know, but your posts have tempted me to venture.

    Thanks a lot.


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