My Macbook Air just won’t let go.

I am in the process of resetting my Macbook Air 2011 so that I can resell it. However trying to do this is trying my patience.

So first I could not get the recovery disk to reinstall. It kept coming up disk is locked. After much messing around I found that I had to delete the Bootcamp partition while inside OSX, then resize the partition there.

Once I did that the recovery disk allowed me to erase the partition completely and create a new one (format) before running the reinstall.

However it said “14 hours to complete”. So I just left it running overnight.

I wake up this morning to find that somehow the Air is now back to the state when I first started. The only thing I can guess is that it somehow detected the Time Machine backup on the network and restored from that after resetting.

So I have to go through all this again. :(

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